API Summary

Gold Service Package

The NCITE® Vetting Service Gold Package provides end-users with the ability to utilize the NCITE Vetting Service API. This API enables the submission of queries through federal (and state, where applicable) law enforcement databases.

The following Person Files are available through NCIC federal database searches:

  1. Missing Persons File
  2. Foreign Fugitive File
  3. Identity Theft File
  4. Immigration Violator File
  5. Protection Order File
  6. Supervised Release File
  7. Unidentified Persons File
  8. U.S. Secret Service Protective File
  9. Gang File
  10. Known or Appropriately Suspected Terrorist File
  11. Wanted Persons File
  12. National Sex Offender Registry File
  13. National Instant Criminal Background Check File
  14. Violent Persons File

NCIC also provides an Interstate Identification Index (“NCIC-III”) report, which summarizes criminal file numbers from all States, and contains FBI identification numbers for individuals that have Criminal History Record Information (“CHRI”). CHRI is generated at the time someone is booked for a crime.

Additionally, the service parses and interprets the responses based on DoD criteria to produce the following results for a person who is queried - pass, fail, error. Depending on your facility's population, >85% of individuals will receive an automatic pass result.


The NCITE® Vetting Service pricing is $32,000/yr per facility.